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History of the Neoperl Group Founded in 1959 as a Swiss-German family-owned company , Neoperl is located in Basel ( Switzerland ) and Müllheim ( Germany ) and remains privately owned to this day . Throughout the world , Neoperl employs around 1,800 people in 17 different countries .
Millions of people use NEOPERL ® products every day – whether or not they are aware of it . They are ‘ hidden ’ inside appliances – virtually everywhere where drinking water flows in a building .
The classic product in the Neoperl range is the aerator , which is fitted in the spouts of faucets on washbasins and bathtubs and shapes the water stream . Particularly sophisticated aerators are equipped with integrated flow regulators , which offer a means of saving water and energy . Another core NEOPERL ® product is the check valve . It protects faucets and plumbing systems , for example , by preventing used water from flowing back into the line system .
Connecting hoses , shower hoses , kitchen hoses and diverters complete the available product groups . Diverters offer a means of switching between the tub filler and the shower head .
NEOPERL ® products fulfill norms and standards regarding faucets around the globe ; for example European norm EN 246 , EPA WaterSense in the United States or AS / NZS 6400 in Australia . In order to secure its leading position in terms of quality , Neoperl relies on the highest level of automation . As part of the manufacturing process , every production step is subject to a fully integrated 100 % quality control .
Diverters are used to switch the water stream between two different outlets : between the tub filler position and the shower in a bathtub faucet , and between the overhead shower and the hand shower in a shower faucet .
NEOPERL ® diverters have proven their stability successfully in series of intensive endurance tests . The requirements of the standards are surpassed by a long way .
Neoperl promotes a responsible attitude towards the use of drinking water with its water-saving and energy-saving products . Always aiming to provide as much water as you need , but using as little as possible – in the shower , bathroom and kitchen . Warm water accounts for the majority of water saved . This means that NEOPERL ® products are playing an active role in reducing the energy consumed by heating water and making an important contribution towards protecting our climate and our environment . It ' s never too late : existing faucets and showers can be easily retrofitted with water-saving components any time .
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