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3-Way Quick Connector RDV
Connecting to another water outlet : as easy as 1-2-3
Quickly redirecting the water stream to another outlet is now safe and easy , thanks to the 3-way Quick Connector ( QC ) with an integrated Remote Diverter Valve ( RDV ).
Example : hand / side spray as secondary outlet ; see picture on the right .
The 3-way QC RDV has an integrated flow regulator available in many flow rates . This enables our customers to adapt the 3-way QC RDV to different applications .
You can find more information – especially regarding the right configuration of the 3-way QC RDV for your application – in the following datasheet : 50.8020 . D0067 cold water warm water mixed water water flow to faucet mixed water in mounted CV
water flow to second outlet
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